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Completing and Submitting the Check Request Form

1. Vendor Name, Address and Identification Information

The top section of the Check Request form should provide the name of the vendor requiring payment, the address to where payment should be sent, and the vendor’s Peoplesoft identification number, available on the Web Reports using the Vendor report.

2. Peoplesoft Chartfields Coding

Check Requests must include the correct PeopleSoft chartfield values. Check Requests submitted with incomplete or incorrect chartfield combinations may be delayed (see Chartfield Combo Requirements to view the appropriate combination for a fund group). Accounts Payable will notify you by email of any such chartfield omissions or errors. The chartfield combination should not be written on the remittance portion of any invoice.

3. Approvals Required

Department chairs or other authorized individuals having budgetary responsibility must approve the Check Requests. The authorized person should print and sign their name in the appropriate sections of the Check Request. A full, legible signature of the individual authorizing payment is required. Initials will not be accepted.

All grant-funded expenditures must be approved by the Principal Investigator, and then submitted to the Finance & Business Services Grant Accountant for approval.

4. Original Invoices Required

The original invoice must be included with the Check Request Form, and submitted to Accounts Payable. Packing slips, sales orders and statements sometimes sent by the vendor should not be submitted. It is the responsibility of each department to obtain an original invoice.   If the original is lost or destroyed a copy must be submitted, the top of the invoice copy should be marked “Original.” Make sure that the original has not already been submitted for payment before sending the copy of the invoice to Accounts Payable for processing.

5. Procedures for Purchase Order Invoices

To process payment on a Purchase Order, submit a Check Request form along with the original invoice(s). Indicate the PO number on the top right-hand corner of the Check Request Form. The vendor name on the purchase order and the invoice name must be identical. The authorized person should first print their name and then sign the Check Request in the appropriate sections. A full, legible signature of the individual authorizing payment is required. Initials are not accepted on the Check Request Form.

Payment of invoices associated with any purchase requires that each department verify that the goods and services received are in satisfactory condition.

6. Delivery of Invoices to Accounts Payable.

Invoices may be sent through inter-office mail or hand delivered to the Accounts Payable Department within the Office of Finance & Business Services, Room 201 in the Administrative Services Building . To ensure that all discounts are taken and that invoices are processed by the due dates, it is critical that invoices be forwarded to Accounts Payable as quickly as possible.