TCNJ Weather Alert

Due to the impending snow storm, TCNJ will be closed on Wednesday, March 21 through noon on Thursday, March 22 (conditions permitting). See note for Residential Students.

Alert Posted on March 20th, 2018 at 7:14 pm

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All travel should be by the most direct and economical routes available. Excess costs, circuitous routes, accommodations and services unnecessary or unjustified in the performance of official business are not acceptable by the College and will not be reimbursed.

When an employee travels on college business by an indirect route for his or her own personal convenience, reimbursement shall be based only on such charges as were actually incurred, not to exceed what would have been incurred by the most direct, economical, and usually traveled route. Employees will be responsible for unauthorized costs and any additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience.

Official Station

The “official station” of an employee is defined as the office or station provided by the College to which the employee is regularly assigned. No transportation costs will be reimbursed between the employee’s place of residence and the official station, including travel on weekends and holidays. Unless written approval is given for an alternate location, the official station for all employees of The College of New Jersey.

If an employee is authorized to travel from the College to another location by private vehicle, he/she will be reimbursed for the round trip mileage from the College to the temporary assignment.   When an employee is temporarily assigned to another location or is on daily College business-related travel, and leaves from home to that temporary assignment, he/she will be reimbursed for either, the mileage from the College to the temporary assignment OR from home to the temporary assignment, whichever is less.

Reimbursement for Ground Transportation at Destination

Travel to and from airport and downtown areas should be confined to regularly scheduled transportation service whenever such service is less costly than taxicabs. Necessary taxicab charges including reasonable gratuities are permitted if public transportation is not readily available or cost effective.  For expenses in excess of $10.00, original receipts plus justification of travel means are required for reimbursement.