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Budget Reallocation Instructions

1.)     The Reallocation Request should be completed when budget needs to be moved from one chartfield to another (i.e. from one department to another, to another account within the same department, etc.). See the Budget Reallocation  vs. Journal Entry Guidance and Flowchart here for further guidance on when a budget reallocation is needed. Budget reallocations are reflected in the Revised Budget Column on the Budget Status Detail Report.

If the fund groups are different a journal entry will also be done by Finance & Business Services to complete the reallocation. Journal Entry adjustments are reflected on the Web Report in the Year-to-Date Column of the Budget Status Detail Report.

2.)     Budget Transfer From and Budget Transfer To sections: The From section identifies the chartfields where you want to decrease the budget and the To section identifies where you want to increase the budget. Enter the Budget Transfer line description. This description shows on the web reports. Next, enter the amount of the transfer and the appropriate Chartfield Combination Requirements. If the appropriate account does not currently exist in your budget, please use this list of Expense Account Numbers to identify the appropriate account.  Reallocating budget to the new account will create the account line in your budget.  Briefly indicate the purpose of the budget transfer under the additional comments/description section.

3.)     Approval and Transmittal of Form: All requests should be submitted via email to: The completed form should be sent in the excel file format from the appropriate signatory.  Attach additional documentation to the e-mail as necessary (such as additional approvals that are required per the reallocation request form). Please do not send hard copies. If you have any questions, please call x2186.

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