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Special Considerations

Prior to any purchase being made in the following categories, departments must contact the applicable servicing department for approval, guidance and assistance:

  • Information Technology – The purchase of all information technology, including but not limited to software and hardware, must be approved by User Support Services in the Information Technology department.
  • Furniture – All purchases for furniture must be approved by the Office of Campus Planning.
  • Graphic Design – All printing requests regarding the use of the College’s logos, name, or visual entity should be directed to the Communications, Marketing & Brand Management.
  • Consulting Services – Special consideration should be used in the procurement of professional services provided by a consultant. In addition to adhering to the same guidelines for all goods and services, consultants working as individuals are required to sign completed Independent Contractor request forms, either the long form or the short form. These forms are to be completed by the requesting department, signed by the consultant, and submitted to Human Resources for review and approval. Once approved, the contract is reviewed by the Procurement Office and General Counsel if necessary. The Procurement Office executes the contract and returns it to the department for distribution and payment.
  • P.L. 2017, Chapter 61 (N.J.S.A. 18A:3B-77) – Limit on Payment to Speakers at Public Institutions of Higher Education State law provides that public institutions of higher education, including TCNJ, may not use State funds in excess of $10,000 to pay an individual for any speaking engagement at or hosted by the institution.
  • Disposal Of Surplus equipment – The policy details disposal of surplus furniture and equipment. Read the policy, complete the form and email it to Anup Kapur.