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Requisitions/Purchase Orders & Contracts

Prior to making a purchase of goods or services, departments are required to follow the purchasing policy to ensure the goods or services that are being purchased are procured in accordance with the College Procurement policy. Purchases over $15,000 for Goods & Services or $7,100 for Construction/Prevailing Wages must be procured by the purchasing department unless they are purchased using a NJ State Contract, Federal GSA or an approved Cooperative Contract.


Requisitions/Purchase Orders

Once the department identifies the goods or services that need to be procured, it must be approved within the Oracle Cloud Procurement Module. Departments must enter all vendor purchases, not made using the p-card, as a requisition in the Procurement module of Oracle Cloud. Instructions for entering a requisition are available on the Cloud Project website. Requesters must attach backup to the requisition to justify the purchase and avoid delay in approval of the requisition.

Requisitions over $500 are routed to the budget manager then purchasing for approval. Budget managers are encouraged to log into Oracle Cloud to review and approve the requisition. Staff from the Purchasing department review requisitions for compliance and may request additional documentation/approval at certain thresholds per the College Purchasing Policy and State Colleges Contract Law (i.e. NJ Business Registration, Pay-to-Play status, etc).

Once fully approved, the system generates a purchase order for the department to send to the vendor. Requesters use the purchase order number to receive the order in the My Receipts module and enter the purchase order number on the invoice when it is submitted to Accounts Payable ( for payment. Requesters are encouraged to review all open purchase orders monthly using the TCNJ Purchase Order Activity Report with Project Detail to ensure accuracy as well as, notify the purchasing department to close open purchase orders that can be liquidated.

To gain access to the Purchasing Module, campus employees must be trained by the Purchasing staff. To change access within Oracle Cloud, employees must complete the request form found in the TCNJ Helpdesk Service Catalog.

Instructions (w/ screenshots) for functions within the Procurement module & the other modules can be found on the Cloud website.



Whenever the College takes on an obligation to pay another party, a contract is the best way to protect the College’s interests and ensure that the College does not assume inappropriate risks. All contracts must be reviewed by the purchasing department regardless of amount, and must adhere to the Delegation of Authority as developed by the General Counsel office. Contracts must go through the iContracts contract routing process established by the procurement department. Instructions are available on the Treasurer’s Training & Job Aids page along with Professional Services Checklist.

Delegation of Authority approved by the Board of Trustees.


Delegation of Authority:

Contract Amount (Goods & Services)
Authority For Approval
$0 – $35,500 Executive Director of Procurement
$35,500 – $250,000 Treasurer
$250,000 – $2,000,000 Treasurer and Responsible Officer
$2,000,000 – $10,000,000 Treasurer, President and Responsible Officer



*Until the department and vendor have received a fully approved purchase order or contract, vendors shall not be permitted to begin any work or fulfill any order. *