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Purchase Orders/Contracts & Request for Quotes

Departments are now able to submit purchase order requests and requests for quotes online through MAPS, which is available through the Finance & Business Services website. For any purchase that exceeds $5,000 a purchase order must be requested. Purchasing department will review all purchase orders and obtain any necessary documentation & approvals from the vendor, state, etc. as needed (i.e. NJ Business Registration, Pay-to-Play status, etc. – see Other Purchasing Requirements for a list and description of vendor requirements.) The Purchasing department cannot process any purchase order until all required paperwork, approvals, etc. are received. Users must review all open purchase orders monthly as well as year-end (as reminded by year-end memo) and inform Purchasing department of all purchase orders that can be closed or canceled.

For instructions on using MAPS, a training manual was developed, please see PO Entry Manual. Prior to entering a Purchase Order or Request for Quote, the User and the applicable responsible person for budget must be setup with proper security. To request access to MAPS and/or verify security, please contact the Purchasing department.


Whenever the College takes on an obligation to pay another party, a written agreement is the best way to protect the Colleges interests and ensure that the College does not assume inappropriate risks. All contracts, regardless of amount, must adhere to the Delegation of Authority as developed by the General Counsel office and submitted to the Purchasing department for review and approval using the contract routing form.

Purchasing guide flowchart and Professional Services Checklist.

Delegation of Authority approved by the Board of Trustees.

Sub-Delegation of Authority:

Contract Amount Authority For Approval
$0 – $34,400 Executive Director of Procurement
$34,400 – $100,000 Treasurer
$100,000 – $2,000,000 Treasurer and Responsible Officer
$2,000,000 – $10,000,000 Treasurer, President and Responsible Officer



*Until the department and vendor have received a fully approved purchase order or contract, vendors shall not be permitted to begin any work or fulfill any order. *

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